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Established in 1994.

About Wyatt Field

Wyatt Field was established in 1994 with a length of 1400 feet and one hanger. A few years later 600 feet were added by purchase of land adjoining the original property. And some few years later even more feet were added by more land purchase making the grass strip length to 2750 feet and 10 hangers with plans of adding more.

Wyatt Field offers hanger rental and tie-down at this time.


You can see some of the Rarest and Unique Vintage Aircraft including Ultra lights in the North Georgia Area any Sunny late evening and most anytime on the weekends.

Annual Fly-Ins bring in 50 to 60 Aircraft and hundreds of local spectators.

Come and enjoy the Beautiful North Georgia Country Sides with our local pilots!


Landing Agreement

Landing Agreement

By entering and submitting my first and last name in this electronic form I am signing this document and do agree that Wyatt Field (GA23), a private airport owned by Wyatt Field, Inc.registered agent Greg Wyatt and located at approximately N34 34.42 latitude and W85 23.03 longitude in Chattooga County, Georgiais an unimproved grass runway and does not meet the standards for public use airports. Furthermore, I acknowledge that at any given moment Wyatt Field could be rendered unsafe for aircraft operations by acts of nature, the intentional or unintentional actions of people or an combination thereof and it is the responsibility of the pilot-in-command of any aircraft using Wyatt Field to determine the airport to be safe for aircraft operations.By signing this document I accept all responsibility for insuring the safe and uneventful operation of any aircraft I might operate at Wyatt Field. I indemnify and hold harmless Greg Wyatt, his family, heirs, any personal businesses, employers or employees from any loss, litigations, subrogation's or personal injury that may arise due to my actions while at Wyatt Field including my actions while traveling to and from Wyatt Field.I agree, at the sole discretion of the landowners on or adjoining Wyatt Field, to be subject to arbitration in the State of Georgia for any loss or claim arising from or related to my visit at Wyatt Field.


Wyatt Field is located at the foot of Lookout Mountain just minutes from Summerville and LaFayette Georgia with Barwick LaFayette Airport (9A5) being only 8 miles North of Wyatt Field. Wyatt Field is listed on the Atlanta Sectional as “Wyatt” with Radio Frequency 122.80 for Pilot safety.

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